Original artworks on canvas, Pet portraits, art prints and unique gifts. 

I have loved painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.  There is nothing more exciting than a blank canvas ready to  receive the first daubs of paint.

I studied art at A level but since then am self taught as I dropped out of art school to get a 'proper' job and I didn't pick up a paint brush again for nearly a decade. I started painting landscapes as gifts for friends and family who encouraged me to get a stall at a local craft market where I began selling original paintings.

I started to get some commission work for pet portraits and the odd landscape but working full time didn't leave much time for painting. So, in 2016 when my husband got a new job in Carlisle and we had to relocate from Salford to Cumbria I decided to take the opportunity to work part time and spend more time painting.

I love bright colours and I am inspired by pop artists such as David Hockney and Peter Blake and I love the abstract art of Miro and Kandinsky.

​Now that I live in the countryside there are plenty of animals around for me to photograph and use as models for my paintings. I like to use unusual angles and close ups in my paintings and I try to capture the personality of the animal. ​